One size fits all is not a good motto when it comes to support packages. We can tailor our support services to your specific situation.


Net Infrastructure Monitoring

For minimum downtime and maximum reliability we can monitor your network infrastructure, either by direct monitoring initiated from our servers or by developing a monitoring configuration that runs inside your own network. Who receives alerts and how alerts are generated and relayed is completely under your control.

Dedicated Support For Our Open Source Software

If you are using one of our Open Source software packages and would like us to help you use it or extend it to fit your specific needs we will be glad to assist you.

Emergency Services

Your Zope-based site has gone down or is showing strange error messages but the developer who built the site has left the company. Hiring someone to fix the problem can be time-consuming. Call zetwork to get back to business quickly. We offer support on short notice with a minimum of hassle at fair prices. Contact us by email or phone, the About zetwork section can tell you how.

Security support

Use our experience in guarding against network-based attacks to harden your network services. Security is a high priority in our application development and network service planning, and we offer security support separately from our application development.