A select list of zetwork customers



Creation and maintenance of a professional hosting infrastructure for the Zope-based MineralWare SaaS application and migration to Zope 4 and Python 3.

Zope Corporation

Requirements analysis, planning and deployment for Zope Managed Hosting customers. Lead administrator and project manager administering in excess of 100 systems and their supporting infrastructure.

VLN (Viacom Local Networks)

Development and maintenance for the backend CMS as well as the frontend infrastructure serving 45 popular radio and TV station websites.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Senior developer for an intranet spanning all UK branches and main offices. Lead systems administrator planning, building and maintaining the intranet systems infrastructure.

Haufe Mediengruppe

Development of software components for the Haufe publishing group main portal at and other Haufe web properties. Planning and development of new REST interfaces for Haufe content.

Campux GmbH

Consulting developer for a Plone-based social networking website as well as project manager and lead administrator for rolling out the necessary server infrastructure.


Development of Pyramid-based websites for simplified access to SAP-based data. Inception and development of a new external printing interface for SAP installations.

Enfold Systems

Development of a managed hosting infrastructure for quick deployment of virtual servers for Enfold Systems customers and their ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Zope community

Core developer and release manager for the Zope Content Management Framework (CMF). Core developer and release manager for several LDAP-related open source packages like the LDAPUserFolder. Board member and board secretary for the Zope Software Foundation.

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