Why should you choose zetwork? Because we LOVE what we are doing!


zetwork prides itself on delivering excellent solutions on top of software built and maintained by members of various Open Source projects in preference over expensive and inflexible proprietary solutions.

The Open Source philosophy we follow has several distinct advantages for us and for our customers:

  • Transparency: Nothing is hidden from the customer. Source code is delivered along with the application and enables the customer to be in full control over what gets deployed.
  • Increased platform-independence: The software is not bound to a single hardware platform. The customer retains full control over how to allocate hardware budgets to ensure the solution fits in with existing hardware or with budgetary restrictions.
  • Direct access to the developers: zetwork is part of the Open Source community and interacts with the developers who write the software we use, in case we don’t write it ourselves. This translates to quicker and more economical problem resolution for customers.

While it is no requirement that software we develop specifically for customers flows back to the Open Source community we strive to convince each customer of its advantages and let them decide.