Being a good citizen in the Open Source community means contributing back. This listing of freely available software is just a sample of all our packages, which are published on In addition to the downloadable products zetwork offers consulting and support if you need help or want changes and enhancements to the free software we distribute.


You can find all our actively maintained packages in the Python Package Index (PyPI). Source code and development history of these and many other packages we have developed can be found at


The product with the longest tradition, this Zope user folder replacement has been under active development since 2001. If you want to authenticate visitors to your Zope-based site using a LDAP directory server this is the product you need. Find out more at the Python Package Index under Products.LDAPUserFolder.


CMFLDAP connects the Zope Content Management Framework (CMF) with your LDAP server. It contains customized CMF tools and templates to maintain member data inside a LDAP directory tree. You can download CMFLDAP from the Python Package Index at Products.CMFLDAP.


If you are using the popular PluggableAuthService Zope user folder replacement and want to store some or all of your user data in LDAP, LDAPMultiPlugins can help. It provides a set of plugins that integrate your LDAP user management with the PluggableAuthService. It is stored in the Python Package Index under Products.LDAPMultiPlugins.


If you find the default python-ldap API too complicated we offer dataflake.ldapconnection as an abstraction with a simplified set of methods. Take a look at the Python Package Index at dataflake.ldapconnection for current releases and change history, and for documentation.


The MaildropHost replaces standard Zope MailHost objects, used to send Email out of Zope, with a more scalable version. MaildropHost decouples creation and formatting of email messages from the act of sending, which is done from a separate process, to remove the annoying delay seen by site visitors when a MailHost is sending mail. Another important feature, transaction-awareness, prevents the symptom of multiple identical emails caused by Conflict Errors seen all too often on busy sites with the standard Zope MailHost. Download the product and find out more at the Python Package Index under Products.MaildropHost.