zetwork offers consulting services for massive scaling of Zope-based web applications, general network infrastructure consulting and, as a specialty, help on devising or improving LDAP-based directory services for your company.


Zope Scalability Consulting

zetwork consultants are in a unique position to offer outstanding Zope scalability knowledge. We have been there and done that when it comes to massive Zope deployment scenarios, in some cases supporting several thousands of visitor hits a second with dozens of site editors continually updating site content at the same time.

Properly scaling Zope-based websites requires its own repertoire of specialized knowledge, not just about Zope itself. The main instruments we use are…

  • planning and deployment of high-performance web caching
  • utilizing software-based load balancing to prevent bottlenecks
  • distributing Zope deployments using ZEO

Net Infrastructure Scalability Consulting

Many systems and scalability issues stem from badly integrated or wrongly configured network services. One of our most important consulting services is helping you develop an optimized and scalable network services infrastructure, involving steps such as…

  • hardware selection and deployment
  • fault-tolerant network design and implementation
  • service monitoring
  • planning and deploying scalable ad services
  • integrating email services for SMTP, IMAP and POP
  • structuring scalable domain name services (DNS)
  • integrating relational database systems (RDBMS)
  • deploying LDAP directory services

LDAP Consulting

If your organization is burdened with a multitude of identification and authentication databases for various network services we can unify this infrastructure. Using LDAP you are left with a single database for authentication purposes such as host logins, authenticated mail access, website logins and more. In addition, since more and more desktop-based applications are LDAP-enabled you can utilize the LDAP data store as centrally accessible address book as well.

With zetwork you can leverage our in-depth knowledge to set up LDAP-based directory services, from planning to implementation.